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SJSU Students Take Time Out

By Sarat Lue

San Jose State University has been a very active partner with Coyote Creek. Here, we feature some of the recent SJSU students and groups who have volunteered to clean the creek. Thanks for taking time out from your studies to join us.

Stephen and Ruben dug up legacy trash


Paul May, Mechanical Engineering student, and his trophy
Sigma Lambda Beta in action

Over the last few months, different organizations and groups of SJSU students have been coming out to our events. Here is some highlight.

  • 8 people from Sigma Lambda Beta on 29 Aug
  • 2 people from Alpha Xi Delta and 17 people from Alpha Phi Omega on 19 Sep
  • 17 people from Alpha Sigma Phi on 3 Oct
  • 80 people from Engineering class on 17 Oct

Again, that is not everyone from SJSU. There are other students in different field of study such as, sociology, communication study, child development, and many more. It does not matter what your field is, everyone shows their support and lends a hand to help out our community. Thank you for being the difference!


Engineering students work smarter not harder
Alpha Sig Group Pic


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