Care for Coyote Creek

Community restoration projects are a cornerstone to taking care of Coyote Creek. Through volunteer activities, respectful relocation of homeless people from the creek and community engagement, we can restore this creek to its full beauty and function. Partnerships are the key to taking care of the creek.

Caring for Coyote Creek involves the whole community. Join in.

  • ** NEW: Survey 123: Document what you find along the creek, from trash, homeless, and creek bank conditions. Using your smartphone, you’ll be a part of a larger group of concerned creek advocates to identify conditions that need attention. To join, send an email to receive detailed instructions.
  • Volunteer activities: creek cleanups for civic/business/school groups, removal of non-native plants, photography
  • Community engagement: trailside litter cleanups, presentations to community groups, tabling at neighborhood event
  • Homeless advocacy: respectfully moving homeless people off the creek, developing relationships with homeless community organizations and leaders.


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