Coyote Meadows

Coyote Meadows

Coyote Meadows is a roughly 50-acre parcel of land along Coyote Creek between Story Road and I-280. The Coyote Meadows Coalition has the vision to create an accessible urban open space park called Coyote Meadows in the heart of San Jose and to establish a culture of community ownership.

Coyote Meadows Local Map

Coyote Meadows Coalition

The Coyote Meadows Coalition is comprised of groups and individuals focused on opening up and activating this area as parkland. Coyote Creek Trail runs along the western edge of the area and the Five Wounds Trail runs along the eastern edge. This portion of the Coyote Creek Trail is scheduled to be developed next year; development of this section of the Five Wounds Trail is indefinite. South of Story Road these trails connect to the Three Creeks Trail—providing the first east-west link for the Valley’s trails.

Our group seeks to open up the Meadows area (between Story Road and I-280) to active recreational uses as well as to improve the water quality of Coyote Creek and to reduce encampments by the homeless. Opening up and activating Coyote Meadows would provide access from Spartan Keyes, Kelly Park and Happy Hollow as well as Little Saigon along Story Road to the east and access from the Olinder Park and other neighborhoods to the north.

Our goal is to transform a former dump and former homeless encampment into an exciting urban distributed and networked park: Coyote Meadows. We ask you to join our coalition of neighbors, environmental, education, and trails groups.

Maps: Regional Map; Area Map

Email us or sign onto the mailing list to join in.

Working Meeting on 4/6/17

Next meeting will include updates on the OSA grant, research updates, calendaring for a walk, and other activities.

Thursday, 4/6/17 from 6-8PM
McKinley Community Center
651 Macredes Ave, San Jose

Working Meeting on 1/12/17

At this meeting, we continued our research and started brainstorming possible short-term actions. See our notes to read about the meeting.

Coyote Meadows Walking Tour on 11/12/16

On 11/12/16, we hosted the Coyote Meadows Walking Tour where we explored the future of the Five Wounds and Coyote Creek trails.

Working Meeting on 10/6/16

We hosted a working meeting to identify possible events we can participate in and research to undertake to better formulate our understanding of the boundaries for the project. Our goal is to have enough information to create presentations and to incorporate this project in the San Jose Greenprint Update. See our notes and let us know if you can help out. We especially need someone to help with researching the property’s history.

Coyote Meadows Community Forum on 10/4/16

Attend the upcoming Coyote Meadows Community forum to share your ideas and concerns regarding recreational access and safety concerns for the Coyote Meadows area. The meeting will be held at the SJSU campus. Please register to attend.

Thursday, October 4, 2016 – 6-8PM [Register] Location: SJSU Campus

Coyote Meadows Community Meeting on 9/8/16

Thursday, September 8, 2016
McKinley Neighborhood Center, 651 Macredes Ave, San Jose
Notes and presentation are available. Read a meeting summary with photos courtesy of CommUniverCity.


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