City of San José

The City of San José has provided many types of support, including grants, trash collection, supplies, and rangers. As a close partner, we continue to work on restoring the Coyote Creek watershed.

Clean Creeks, Healthy Communities

This City of San José program engages a neighborhood area to conduct outreach to the community about Coyote Creek-related activities, including joint creek cleanups and educational and fun events.

Committee for Green Foothills

The Committee for Green Foothills advocates for open space and healthy environments. In 2015, CGF worked with us to create the first Coyote Creek Watershed Tour.

Creek Connections Actions Group

As a Santa Clara Valley Water District project, this group organizes two regional cleanups a year: Coastal Cleanup Day in September and National Rivers Cleanup Day in May.

Downtown Streets Team

Downtown Streets Team provides homeless people with the opportunity to work in a team environment while providing social services and job training. Our partnership includes celebrating their milestones together and helping to change the face of homelessness by having our volunteers work side-by-side with the creeks teams.

Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District

As a district, the GCRCD provides regional coordination and direction for organizations work to improve and revitalize our watersheds. We’ve provided input on our efforts and how to expand education amongst the restoration organizations.

Hellyer County Park

Our first cleanup was held at Hellyer County Park, a large park in the southern San Jose region. Since then, park rangers have offered community programming for our events, and we have partnered with more creek cleanups.

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory hosts bird banding and other Bay bird education. One citizen scientist developed a bird brochure showing the range of and beauty of the birds of the watershed.

San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society

The educational arm of this organization is the Living Wetlands program, where K-12 students are exposed to the whole of the watersheds through educational talks and field trips. We are partnering with this program to offer cleanups as a component of the educational activities.

San Jose Conservation Corps

SJCC provides young adults an opportunity to work in the restoration field. Their partnership has included loaning tools and working together on creek cleanups.

San Jose State University

The university’s students and faculty have been very involved in many academic projects related to Coyote Creek, including art, climate change, journalism, performance art, social equity, and more. Through this partnership, students have directly applied their classroom learning to a real-world project, leading to further understanding about the complexities of watersheds and social issues, and to develop applicable job skills.

San Jose State University Center for Community Learning

Center for Community Learning & Leadership (CCLL) promotes service-learning , civic engagement , and internships , collaborating with faculty and students and community organizations, and has provided office space and many introductions to faculty and students.

Santa Clara County Parks

Santa Clara County Parks and KCCB partnered to host a team from AmeriCorps NCCC in 2015. Together, they worked many projects in parks and with KCCB to improve the waterways, from creek cleanups to re-vegetation projects.

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society

The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society provides education and events related to birding and environmental education.

Santa Clara Valley Water District

The District protects the water supplies and watershed through its staff. It has also provided funding for our work.

Sierra Club-Guadalupe River Group

This group within the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter offers its members activities in partnership with KCCB, including leaders for creek cleanups.

Sierra Club-Loma Prieta Chapter

The Sierra Club-Loma Prieta Chapter has advocated for a healthy environmental for all, and has a focus on water. Through our partnership, the Sierra Club has helped support cleanups, participated in many events, and continues to offer expertise in advocating for a healthy watershed.

South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition

South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition works on the South Bay watersheds, especially Los Gatos Creek and Guadalupe River through community action as cleanups, education, and science. We work closely on all things related to the South Bay watershed.

Sustainable San Jose 3D

Through Frank Talks, Sustainable San Jose 3D offers educational presentations along Coyote Creek to help residents learn about the value of their natural environment and actions they can take for a more sustainable lifestyle.


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